Incuron is Led by Experienced and Successful Drug
Development Team


Andrey Leonov, PhD (CEO)
Drug developer/senior manager with15 years of international experience in preclinical/clinical drug development and compliance, CEO of Incuron, LLC (Russia)



Langdon Miller, MD (clinical strategy and operations)
Medical oncologist with > 20 years of experience and major roles in development of Neupogen®, Leukine®, Camptosar®, Elence®, Aromasin®, Sutent®, and Zydelig®



Andrei Gudkov, PhD, D.Sci (science)
Internationally recognized cancer researcher , expert in anticancer drug discovery (>50 US patents), co-inventor of curaxin technology, SVP of Basic Science at RPCI



Ann Hards, PhD (regulatory affairs)
Regulatory expert with major roles in 14 NDA/BLA approvals including Lipitor®, Plavix®, Avapro®, Avalide®, Arixtra®, Fragmin®, Rezulin®, and Multaq®



Andrei Purmal, PhD (pre-clinical, CMC, bioanalytical)
20 years of experience in all aspects of drug development, expert in small molecule CMC and bioanalytical development, co-inventor of curaxin technology